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Almaseer Understands The Complexities Of The Iraqi Financial And Regulatory Systems

Arranging insurance for international business operations is a complex process

Almaseer is an internationally recognized insurer regulated by the Iraqi DIWAN 28-2012. We work to International Insurance and financial standards.

We specialize in  providing legally Admitted Insurance policies in Iraq. Our internationally trained team with over 100 years  experience between  them are expert at  helping you to navigate Iraq`s complex regulatory controls.

The process can be hard to follow and some can be tempted to avoid it. Using us solves your problem. We keep the process as simple as possible for you.

We understand that global clients and their insurance brokers need to communicate with an insurer who appreciates their complexities and the need for rapid response on matters such as claims handling ,technical surveys, and , most importantly , legal policy wordings.

Our experts have handled and been involved with many of  the  world's largest companies insurance needs and their claims.

We understand how to look at unique problems and provide local solutions for risks outside the global arrangement or to provide “DIC/DIL” solutions.

We must emphasise that we are an insurance company and not tax consultants, legal advisors or insurance brokers. What guidance we give is in good faith but requires your verification.

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