When making the decision to appoint an Insurer you have to have confidence that if the worst happens, they can deal with both minor and major claims efficiently, capably, and within an acceptable time frame.


Unusually for an Iraqi company, our Senior Management and International Board members have between them during their careers had considerable experience in dealing with complex losses both from a direct and reinsurance perspective. Combine this international experience with the knowledge of dealing with local interests such as local Principals and State-Owned Entities together and add relationships with International Adjusting firms who operate within Iraq, and you have a winning combination.

Track Record

We have a verifiable track record of dealing with large losses and the complexities that go hand in hand with them, both in handling them directly and when assisting Major International Loss adjusting firms with multimillion-dollar losses from several different Insurance classes (Property, Business Interruption, Construction, Marine for example). For international reinsurance programmes, we are conversant with and understand how claims cut through and settlement clauses operate - not only from the written policy clause perspective but also in real world and real time situations, where to comply locally with contract conditions and compliance/regulatory issues additional procedures must be followed. We also, as the local Cedent, will liaise with any local interested party where required, having performed this role on many occasions where local government entities or Ministries require local meetings or where local  subcontractors, or local on-the-ground information or advice is required.

Locally Placed Covers

We pride ourselves on our claims handling capabilities from a local perspective for locally placed covers, the main examples being:

  • Motor,
  • Private Medical
  • PA & Travel
  • Domestic / Minor Fire & Perils
  • Minor liability


For these types of claims our insureds expect quick efficient local claims handling; we have the capability to deal with most local losses in house and our claims team will aid and deal with your claim quickly and efficiently.

Here are two examples where we have listened to clients and built a claims process to assist them to settle their loss quickly and efficiently:

For Motor claims a vehicle needs to be repaired quickly, correctly, and efficiently so backing up our inhouse claims team we have our own motor engineer who has close working relationships with numerous main dealers and independent car repairers throughout Iraq including specialist fully qualified and certified repairers of armoured vehicles.

All motor repairs come completed with a 12-month guarantee and a full damage report including before and after photographs of the damaged/repaired vehicle for your records.

We will settle the repair bill directly with the repairer where we have authorised repairs (minus any excess/deductible or repair cost that is not covered by the policy which needs to be settled by the Insured separately) negating the issue of the insured having to fund what could be a costly bill initially.

We operate several differing types of private medical scheme for our clients ranging from purely domestic policies covering Iraq only to full multi territory / global programmes.

There can be differing requirements for claims authorisation and settlement procedures dependant on the plan type, but all share the same claims process once they reach our claims team in that all claims are medically underwritten.

Our limit before preapproval for outpatient cover on most of our plans is one of the highest at USD500 - anything below this limit regarding outpatient treatment need not be preapproved and can be claimed back on a reimbursement basis minus any co-pay requirement.

We work hand in hand with our specialist medical scheme administrators and out-of-territory assistance networks to assess, underwrite, approve, and settle claims as quickly as possible with all teams employing Medical Practitioners as part of the standard team.

Where additional information is required either at the onset or during a claim, we will ask for this quickly explaining clearly what is required and where appropriate can deal directly with the medical provider to obtain the information

In all we handle several thousand claims per annum in as quick and efficient a manner as possible.


We provide more than local paper issuance, we offer a full service package and can back this up with real life experience when dealing with large complex or small local claims handling.