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Personal Accident

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we can provide the following cover

Below you will find the information that relates to the cover that we can provide if you require Personal Accident, Insurance.  This cover can be customised respect of limits and extent of coverage, so if what you require is not shown then please contact us with your requirements and we will see if we can assist.

Persons covered
A policy can cover a key individual, the whole workforce or any combination between. It is often the case that the cover has been arranged to meet a contractual obligation made upon the employer.

Whilst cover normally applies to employees we are able to extend our policy to cover consultants working on a temporary basis with the Insured. In exceptional circumstances and where full underwriting information has been supplied, we can offer a limited coverage for Dependants.
Basis of cover
Policy cover is flexible as Cover can be arranged for:

  • Capital Benefit only – death
  • Capital and other benefits – death and loss of limb/Sight / Hearing and which can include a Continental Scale benefits Continental scale; a sliding percentage scale of compensation which depends on the severity of the injury

We can include Passive War and Terrorism:

  • Medical Expenses can be added if required for additional premium
  • Passive War and TerrorismPassive War and Terrorism; Provides cover for passive war and terrorism risks (which include hostilities, invasion and civil war) where the insured person has taken no active part therein, and has suffered the accident in a country other than his or her country of domicile or a defined country as stated in the policy can be included for additional premium
  • If required, we can on receipt of additional underwriting information and additional Premium, consider annual Death by Natural CausesDeath by Natural causes; Provides cover for Death of the Insured member by a cause other than that caused by an accident, it is subject to policy exclusions that can vary depending on the number of members covered in addition to the PA benefit
Territorial limits
We are flexible as to the territories we can cover with our standard policy covering the Republic of Iraq but additional specified territories or a full global basis can be provided. Cover is subject to our High-Risk Territories The following listed Territories are regarded as ‘High-Risk Territories’
Syria, Libya, Yemen, Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Ukraine, Pakistan, Lebanon, Nigeria, Egypt, Turkey, Burundi, DRC, Mali, Central African Republic, Ethiopia, Colombia, Chad, Cameroon, Israel/PA, Kenya, Algeria, Thailand, Niger, Russia.
NOTE: Even though a territory is shown on this list, your country of residence may ban travel to it for its citizens or it falls under Sanctioned Territory legislation (EU, UN, USA etc) . As this list is subject to change at short or no notice it is important to check with us before purchasing cover using ‘Contact Us’.
list and will also be subject to current International Sanctioned Territory restrictions
Period of Cover Basis

We have flexibility as to the period a policy can be arranged for examples are:

    • Annual policies
    • Fixed term short period policies
    • Project policies for projects longer than 1 year


We can consider all the above options

We are flexible as to when the policy cover applies offering the following:

  • 24 hour coverage


The cover applies for 24 hours a day. For both work accidents and for accidents whilst not at work

  • Occupational Accidents including Commuting


The cover only applies whilst the employee is undertaking their usual work but excludes any form of commuting to and from work

  • Occupational Accidents Only


The cover only applies whilst the employee is undertaking their usual work but excludes any form of commuting to and from work

Ages Covered
We can provide cover from Ages 16 to 65 as standard, upon submission of additional information we can consider to age 69 if the employee or person is in full time employment.

Where we cover dependents, we can consider from 2 to 16 years old but only with additional information and on a nonselective basis (all dependents covered on a compulsory basis in the scheme – no elective cover)
Trades and occupations covered

We can consider high risk trades including Security and Mine clearance operatives.  The only occupations we will not cover under any circumstances are members of Armed Force.

Limits Available

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  • Customisable normally to a maximum of:
  • Personal Accident
    • 7 X Salary for Death / Capital Sums (5X salary for Local Nationals)
    • 75% of Weekly Wage for Weekly Benefit
    • A Maximum Incident Limit applies this is normally USD500,000 to USD10m depending on level of benefit /no of persons covered
      but higher limits are available in specific circumstances
  • Medical Expenses
    • From USD 10,000 up to USD1m + per person
    • Would normally include repatriation costs within this limit but can be shown as a separate limit
  • For companies we can consider providing restricted coverage for Covid, this would be subject to the provision of underwriting information which can vary on a case by case basis but as a minimum will require a full overview of the proposers covid Protocols ands confirmation all employees have had full vaccinations.

use of captives

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Almaseer are used to captives participating in Insurance Programs and will discuss a clients / potential clients captive utilisation in their programme based on the clients own unique needs.

information required

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To be able to provide a quotation for Personal accident Insurance we require some general information about you and/or your company to complete our Know Your Client, Sanctions and Money Laundering checks.  (If you’re an existing client and have provided this information recently this step can be ignored)
  • For companies:We require the company name and address, in addition we will also require Directors and shareholders details (required for domestic and international Sanctions and Money Laundering checks)
  • For individuals or non business groups, the schedule we will require for providing a quotation for either Personal Accident or Travel cover will provide the initial information we need to run checks.

To provide a Quotation the following information:

  • A schedule of proposed scheme members;As per the schedule headings below.  This can be supplied by email or in a word document, PDF or Excel spreadsheet.
Example of Personal Accident Schedule of Persons To be covered:  You can add Staff or Employee number if you wish
Title First Name Middle Name Last Name Age Salary Occupation (2)
  • Dates for which the cover is to apply
  • The limits required for the policy
  • Over the past five years, any details of any incident that could have been covered by a Personal Accident Policy if on was in force or any claims that had occurred.
  • Where the cover relates to a specific project requirement please provide
  • A copy of the contract/work specification wherever possible, if not available at this time then as much detail as can be provided about the contract including:
      • An overview of the project including timescale
      • Statement of work
      • Project Plan or Gantt chart
      • Insurance coverage requested and limits required
      • Details of Principal if you are not the Principal
All information requested is required by both us and our reinsurers – however we may request more information to be supplied before we are able to indicate pricing or the extent of cover we can provide If you are unclear about any of the above or just want to talk through what is required please use Contact us to discuss your requirements whereupon we will be able to assist you with the documentation required and help with any queries.