Motor Fleet

Motor fleet

We Can Provide The Following Cover

Below you will find the information that relates to the cover that we can provide if you require Motor Fleet Insurance. 

Our cover is extremely flexible as you will find out below, providing cover for numerous types of vehicles from comprehensive cover to Third Party only with several combinations to suit need, contract conditions and budget.

Please check the sections below careful but if the information  you require is not shown then please contact us with your requirements and we will see if we can assist.

Underwriting Guidelines

General Information

The more vehicles you have the more competitive the premium can become

  • Far easier to administrate:
  • Additional and deleted vehicles dealt with by declaration on a quarterly/half yearly/annual basis dependant on vehicle size and Invoices / credit notes issued in line with declarations.
  • There is no need to keep updating drivers details
  • Cover can be mixed and matched
  • Will consider cover for all areas of Iraq (subject to information on vehicle usage and garaging location)
  • Discounts for Tracker equipped vehicles
  • Windscreen cover available as an option
  • House Motor Accident loss engineer and claims handling department with full claims management data available for fleet manager including final claims report
Occupations we can cover
We are able to cover a wide range of occupations and industries across all the business sectors in Iraq from shop owners to oilfield Principals/contractors and security companies.

We will consider high risk occupations and provide cover for vehicles used to transport hazardous goods.
Use of Vehicle

We are able to offer cover on a wide basis of Insured usage of the motor vehicle depending on their occupation examples of this are:

  • Own business use including social domestic and pleasure
  • As above but including carriage of own goods
  • Haulage of Third Party goods
  • Transportation of Passengers (private hire and approved taxi companies)
Types of vehicles we can cover
  • Cars & pickups
  • Commercial vehicles from small delivery vans to all types of lorries including refrigerated, tipper, cement, mobile cranes and low loader/flatbed
  • Construction plant if registered for road use
  • Specialist vehicles such as mobile drilling rigs and laboratories
  • Armoured / hardened vehicles
To make it easier to provide the information we need to produce a quotation please click on ‘Vehicle/Cover Schedule+ to download a spreadsheet to assist you with providing the cover and vehicle details we require.
We can cover individual vehicles with high values, Mobile cranes and specialist oil field vehicles can often exceed $1m

For some types of specialist vehicle such as mobile laboratories, cover can often be better provided under a motor / plant hybrid policy due to cost, extent of coverage provided and reinsurance capacity available, please Contact Us to discuss further.
Age and Driver experience
We are able to provide cover on a restricted named driver basis, useful for people who wish to control who can drive their vehicle through to Any Licensed driver being covered.

We can cover drivers up to 69 years of age as standard on our policies for new business.  For existing business, we will under exceptional circumstances and subject to a satisfactory medical questionnaire cover drivers up to age 75.
Flexible cover options

We have tried to be as flexible as possible with our cover and can offer a number of options:

    • Accidental Damage Only
    • Accidental Damage Fire and Theft
    • Third Party only– Combined Basis with either of above or Standalone cover


If you take one of our  is Accidental damage options we can also provide cover for

    • Passenger and driver Medical Expenses &
    • Death Benefit for driver and employees as standard


We also consider Accidental damage cover for vehicles 7 years and older and can provide cover for Off road use available as an option (subject to Policy restrictions).

Limits Available

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The following is an indicative only range of limits we can provide under our policy:

Section Limit Description Limit
1.   Accidental Damage Accidental Damage caused to the Insured vehicle Up to $1m per vehicle but higher limits per vehicle can be quoted subject to detailed information being provided.  An accumulation limit will apply to the policy which will vary depending on exposure information supplied.
2.   Third Party Property Damage/Personal Injury / Death Compensation Payable to a third Party following an Accident for which you as the Owner/Authorised Driver of a vehicle are legally liable to pay compensation for: –          Third Party Property damage –          Death of or Injury to a Third Party We can offer limits from USD50,000 an incident to USD1m an incident.  Whilst we can provide higher limits than these it is normal for limits in excess of USD1m to be provided as part of a Contingent Motor extension attached to a main Liability programme as this is more cost effective.
3.   Medical expenses Medical Expenses cover to reimburse medical costs of a Driver and Passengers following an insured accident Medical cover as standard is USD500 we can offer increases in this up to USD10,000 per person subject to additional premium
4.   Death Benefit Death benefit payable following death of Driver or Passenger following an insured accident We are flexible on death benefits with the standard cover being $2,500 per person but limits can be provided up to 5 x salary if required.  Cover only applies directly following from death attributable to the accident.


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We require written confirmation of any claims that have occurred under any previous motor policies over the previous five years.

For large fleets will sometimes ask for the experience to be confirmed before binding.

use of captives

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Almaseer are used to captives participating in Energy Programmes and will discuss a clients / potential clients captive utilisation in their programme based on the clients own unique needs.