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We can Provide the Following Cover

We are able to offer the following Liability covers on an annual or project related basis and on a Primary or Excess + basis of coverage.  We utilise a number of Industry recognised Policy wordings, notably Combined Liability PC94a and Excess Liability Claims Made Policy LSW244.  Low limit Professional Indemnity coverage (>USD1m) can be provides under a Memoranda to the PC94a wording provided it is part of a combined Liability package otherwise a standalone cover will be issued, wording dependant on the business being undertaken.
Public liability

Public liability insurance covers your legal liability arising from death or personal injury to third parties other than your own employees and for damage to property belonging to third parties.

Sudden and Unforeseen Pollution

Sudden and Unforeseen Pollution cover is bought as an extension to the Public Liability section. We do not provide cover on a standalone basis.

It covers your legal liability as a direct result of a sudden, specific and identifiable event occurring during the Period of Insurance that gives rise to pollution but was not the direct result of you failing to take reasonable precautions to prevent the event from happening.

Product liability

Product liability insurance protects against your legal liability for death or personal injury to people or damage to third party property, arising out of products supplied by a business. Suppliers of equipment to a construction or engineering project, such as lifts or escalators, may be required to maintain such insurance, sometimes in place of professional indemnity insurance.

Employers Liability (with or without Workers Compensation Cover)
Employers Liability cover protects against your legal liability for death or personal Injury to your employees following your negligence as their employer.

We can provide workers compensation if requested which is non liability cover which provides compensation following a workplace accident.
Contingent Motor

Contingent Motor protects against your Legal Liability for death or personal injury or damage to third party property arising from the use of a motor vehicle.

As the cover is ‘contingent’ on there being a primary liability cover in place for the cover to operate there must be a separate motor insurance policy in place.  Within Iraq the primary Liability cover is provided under the Petrol coupon scheme where a levy is built in to the price of fuel which in turn funds a government Third Party Liability scheme.  This scheme does not apply to the KRG region where a separate motor third party cover must be purchased for the Contingent motor cover to operate.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Professional indemnity insurance insures against your legal liability arising from professional negligence.

Examples of this can include a contractual liability that is equivalent to professional negligence, such as a breach of a contractual obligation to exercise reasonable skill, care and diligence when carrying out design. All architects, engineers, other professional consultants and a building contractor that owes a design responsibility to its employer are usually required to maintain such insurance.

Advantages of using Almaseer for your Liability coverage:


For the majority of contracting and non-Oilfield operator risks (where a, more specific policy form is used) our coverage is very flexible based on the internationally accepted PC94a form which is amended by endorsement to reflect specific risk factors and requirements when operating within Iraq

We can offer short period policies for less than a year to multiyear covers for Projects or multiyear draw down contracts.

Compliant cover
We understand the contract forms used by the main Oilfield operators and the specific requirements that they insist are included within a policy to provide them with additional protection – we can provide within our standard wording:

Contract Clause   Comment
Joint Insured

All  names required
Indemnity to Principal

Principals wording required
Cross Liabilities (Public Liability only)

Copy of Contract required
Waiver of Subrogation Rights

Principals wording required
30 days’ notice for: – Cancellation – Alteration to cover – Non-renewal

We have standard format clause for this which has been accepted by all major oil operators
Joint Insured not responsible for payment of premium

Almaseer clause accepted by Principals

For ours and our clients financial security we arrange our reinsurance wherever possible with S&P or equivalent AA+ rated reinsurance capacity who are able to provide substantial capacity (potentially to USD125m for some business sectors).  Where these reinsurers are unable to provide capacity as the risk is too specialized or their capacity is limited we have relationships with a number of other global and regional rated reinsurers (S&P or equivalent A- or above) whom we use for additional capacity.

Claims Handling

We are unusual in that our team has handled large liability claims in several sectors from the energy sector to pharmaceutical losses and have therefore experience in dealing with large liability losses.  We also have good working relationships with the major International loss adjusters working in the region and who also operate within Iraq.

Limits Available

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We are able to provide a range of limits to comply with both contract requirements and also exposure: examples of what can be provided are shown in the table below:

Cover Sector Limit Range Note
Public Liability Oil Operator Contractor General Work USD2.5m to USD100m+ USD100k to USD 25m+ USD100k to USD 10m+ Higher limits can be provided upon request subject to information. Can be on Each and Every loss basis or Aggregated Limit. Limits are total and can be made up of Primary and Excess Layer
Sudden and Unforeseen Pollution All USD100kto USD 50m+ Only provided with PL cover and cannot exceed PL limit will always be an aggregated Limit over the policy period
Products Liability All USD100k to USD 25m+ Higher limits can be provided upon request subject to information.  Subject to an aggregated limit for the policy period
Employers Liability All USD25k to USD 10m+ Higher limits can be provided upon request subject to information. Can be on Each and Every loss basis or Aggregated Limit. Limits are total and can be made up of Primary and Excess Layer
Workers Compensation All 1 x Salary subject to cap Weekly benefit subject to max limit and payment period
Professional Indemnity All USD100k to USD25m+ Normal limits seen in Iraq for the oil sector go to USD10m however higher limits can be looked at for specific projects.  Always on a claims Made Basis and with an aggregate limit applicable
Are your Limits Adequate?

Whilst a contract may request that you purchase cover to a limit as shown within a contract note that your liability is not capped at the limit of the insurance policy.


If a claim following a covered incident exceeds the limit of indemnity provided by your policy, you are still liable for any costs or compensation that exceed the indemnity limit.  It is therefore very important that you actually access the risk to your business and make sure that you are happy with the limit being purchased in proportion to the risk being taken.

use of captives

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Almaseer are used to captives participating in Insurance Programs and will discuss a clients / potential clients captive utilisation in their programme based on the clients own unique needs.


information required

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As a bare minimum to provide a VRI (very rough indication non-binding) we would require the following additional information:

  • As well as the usual company Name and address we will require Directors and shareholders details (required for domestic and international Sanctions and Money Laundering checks)
  • A copy of the full contract/work specification wherever possible, if not available at this time then as much detail as can be provided about the contract including:
    • An overview of the project including timescale
    • Statement of work
    • Project financials or annual figures to include Turnover relating to the project, projected wages / salaries and number of staff
    • Insurance coverage requested and limits required
    • Details of Principal and any other party who is to be named on the policy as a joint insured if you are not the Principal
    • Confirmation that for the past five years there have been no incidents that could have given rise to a claim relating to the cover you wish to purchase or any claims against any liability policy you hold.  If there are then you will need to provide details.

All the above will be required by both us and our reinsurers – however we may request more information to be supplied before we are able to indicate pricing or the extent of cover we can provide

For a bindable quotation the information required will depend very much on the project or work undertaken and we would discuss the requirements with you on a case by case basis

Please contact us to discuss your requirements whereupon we will be able to assist you with the documentation required.